"I don’t know about you, but I could never just sit on a beach anyway."

we-have-the-hulk ASKED:

Hey :) Do you know if nikita ended or got canceled? I'm confused

I believe it was canceled. The 6 episodes were given to wrap up the show properly. :)

powerfulprep ASKED:

You are my favorite blog ever!!!!! I just created a Nikita blog and literally, it is just your blog on mine I reblog so much


Thank you very much!

Anonymous ASKED:

Are there any intense Alex!fighting scenes that are on your blog, or that you're maybe making in the future? I'm just in love with how the way Alex kick ass . (':

Yes, I have some, but I don’t have a tag for fight scenes and stunts, at least not yet. If you’re looking for some, you’re gonna have to search through the tag of the episode where those fight scenes happened. Off the top of my head, there’s 2.09, 4.01, 1.11, 1.06. There’s more, I believe. :|

Hey guys, I won’t be accepting any new requests for now. As you can see in my requests/to-do list page, they all got piled up lol. I’m sorry for not posting anything new for the past few days. I’ve been quite busy with some other stuff. I’ll do my best to work my way through the current list, slowly but surely. All the requests I got are listed there, so if you sent in one and it’s not included there, I’m afraid Tumblr lost it because it likes to lost mails lol. Anyway, …yeah that’s pretty much it. Thanks for being patient (with me)! :)

Anonymous ASKED:

please never delete your blog <3 you made all these jorney with nikita even more amazing. Thank you for all your work in making those gifs and for always taking requests. :)

Oh, I don’t think I can ever have the nerve to delete this blog. I’ll try my best to keep it updated. And thank you. :)

starkqueensansa ASKED:

How did you like the finale?

It was perfect. Well, I have a few small issues, like Sonya not appearing, but overall, it was a very beautiful and satisfying and fitting end to an amazing series. It certainly did not disappoint.