Hey guys, I won’t be accepting any new requests for now. As you can see in my requests/to-do list page, they all got piled up lol. I’m sorry for not posting anything new for the past few days. I’ve been quite busy with some other stuff. I’ll do my best to work my way through the current list, slowly but surely. All the requests I got are listed there, so if you sent in one and it’s not included there, I’m afraid Tumblr lost it because it likes to lost mails lol. Anyway, …yeah that’s pretty much it. Thanks for being patient (with me)! :)

Like what I did with 4.05, I won’t be making gifs from the finale for the next day or two. You can leave requests if you’d like. To those who already sent me requests, especially those who sent some like a week ago, I’ll make them eventually. I’ve been quite busy lately, but I’ll get to them. I updated the requests page, so if you sent in a request that’s not listed there, Tumblr must have lost your message. You’re welcome to send them again. :)

I won’t be making gifs for 4.05 until tomorrow or the day after that even. A lot has happened and I don’t want to post too many spoiler-y stuff so soon. You can leave requests, but I won’t be posting them for the next day or two. Well, I’ll probably make them asap, I just won’t be posting them lol. I’ll do the same with the finale. I’ll probably post stuff from the previous episodes though. :)

I forgot to post about this a few days ago, but I’ve changed the tags for Alex, Birkhoff, Amanda, Percy, and Nathan to their full names. The misspelling in Owen’s tag has also been fixed. It’s more organized now lol. I used XKit’s Tag Replacer thing, so if you come across a post that was missed or mistagged, please let me know. :)


Regarding the favorite scenes for the final countdown posters, I think I forgot to specify that only scenes that can fit and be used as a 500px-wide graphic poster. Most of the suggestions I got, so far, aren’t possible because they’re more fit in gif-format, and I don’t do countdown posters that way. You can send in more or new ones in my ask box. And thanks for those who sent in suggestions anyway!

After being on a long unintended hiatus, I finally found the time and decided to make divisioncaps active again. Originally, I wanted to “reboot” it. Like, delete all those caps and start over (because looking at the first ones I did there is just… ugh no lmao. And seeing ‘four months ago’ in that latest/top cap makes me feel like a bad runner lol). But I kinda like how some of the caps turned out, so I’ll probably just remake those that I don’t like now lol. So yeah, it’ll still be run on queue. I’m planning it to be one or two caps a day, but for now, it’ll be just one cap a day.


After quite a long time, I’m open for requests again! I can say I’m 100% caught up with the list, so if ever you sent in one that I haven’t done recently, I might not have received it as Tumblr loves to lose mails. So uh..looking forward to the new requests? lol

Hey guys, I’ll stop taking requests for now. As you can see in my new page listing my current requests/to-do list, I am SUPER swamped. They are WAY too much than I can handle, so I really hope you understand. To those who requested, I hope you’re quite patient enough because I don’t think I can keep up with these requests for the next two weeks,(worst-case scenario.)