Nikita 3.22 ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Promo.

Nikita 3.21 ‘Invisible Hand’ Sneak Peek.

Question: Should we be worried that The CW hasn’t renewed Nikita yet? —Soso
Ausiello: I don’t think so. I’m told the reason Nikita wasn’t included in last week’s CW pickups was because series creator Craig Silverstein was in Virginia shooting his AMC pilotTurn and therefore unable to pitch his Season 4 plan to the network. He’s now back in L.A. and due to meet with CW brass in the coming days. Bottom line: The show is still a safe bet for a (shortened) fourth season.

Nikita 3.20 ‘High-Value Target’ Sneak Peek.

Nikita 3.20 ‘High-Value Target’ Promo.

Nikita 3.19 ‘Self-Destruct’ Sneak Peek.